Gooey Louie is a great pick for your family!

You have probably heard (and said) the phrase “You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.”  Gooey Louie, a new game by Goliath, wants to change that.

Yes, it’s true! Gooey Louie is a real game made by the same company that brought you Doggie Doo and Pop the Pig. It’s also true that Gooey Louie is a  game where you take turns picking  green gooey things out of Louie’s nose.

Clearly, Goliath Games “nose” how to have fun, and with Gooey Louie, the company has created another game that has quickly become a favorite pick for kids. In January 2014, other games were blown away by Gooey Louie as it earned the prestigious title of Action Game of the Year at the 2013 British Toy Industry Awards.  Read all about Goliath Game’s latest hit in the press release.

To play Gooey Louie, each player takes a turn rolling the die to see how many gooeys they need to pick out of Louie’s nose, until someone picks the special gooey that will make his eyes pop and his brains fly out. Gooey Louie is hilarious fun for the whole family!  Will you be the one to pick a winner?

Some press “picks”

“All four of my kids had a blast playing this fun “family friendly” and truly unique game.” – One Bored Mommy

“The only way they would love this game more is if it were made of pure sugar wrapped in chocolate and served on the top of their mile high birthday cake.” – Father Geek

“Any alone time without arguing or fighting is a huge success in our home and this game kept them busy for hours. Thank you Gooey Louie!” – Obviously Marvelous

“Kids will love giggling about the grossness and picking Louie’s nose, all while knowing that it’s clean and safe. As a result, they feel free to revel in the slightly disgusting silliness of it.” – Time to Play Magazine

“The fascination with exciting, gross, stuff can be applied further to the world of gaming.  What better way to treat a nasty habit of nose-picking than to make a game out of it?”

“We had so much fun pulling gooeys out of Louie’s nose! It’s a quick game, but one that they wanted to play over and over again. And parents will love that there are no batteries required!”

“These games are extremely appealing to younger children, and maybe even to some not so young.  “Goliath Games” may have found a most successful niche in the youth game market.”–these-are-crazy-fun.aspx

“Gooey Louie is top of the line disgusting fun and your kids are going to love it! There’s no way around it – kids, boogers and brains popping out equals tons of fun and tons of laughs! If you are looking for an easy, fun, non-educational, silly game that your kids are going to love – look no further – Gooey Louie is it! Now – all you have to do is pick a winner and enjoy!” – WTS Toy Review