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I have lost or broken the looped gooey. Do I need to contact Goliath for a replacement?
Lost or broke your gooey with a loop? Fear not! Find a rubber band, grab one of your longest gooeys, and follow these directions.

  • Knot the rubber band around the wide end of the gooey.
  • Open the nose door and attach the end of the rubber band with the gooey to the trigger.
without hook

I have lost a piece to the game. How can I get a replacement?
To purchase additional Gooey Louie game pieces, please visit our Service Webshop!

Note: If you’ve lost the rubber band, don’t worry! Any standard thin household rubber band will work just fine. Check out the setup instructions on the “How to Play” page to see how to attach it to a gooey.


Louie’s jumping brain flew out, but the eyes didn’t pop out. What should I do?
If the gooey attached to the trigger isn’t pulled down hard enough, the brain will fly out but the eyes won’t pop, so be sure to pick your gooeys firmly!


I can’t get Louie’s head to stay closed. What should I do?
Open the nose door and reposition the gooeys so that they are not pushing up against the trigger, and then try setting the game up again.  If this did not work, give us a call or email, and we will do our best to help you further.


I’ve lost the instructions. How can I get another copy?
You can download the .pdf from the “How to Play” page of this website.


Where do the batteries go?
Gooey Louie does not require batteries.


The gooeys have gotten dirty. Can they be cleaned?
Yes, the gooeys can be safely washed with water.


Does the game or its contents contain gluten?